May 13, 2016
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Christian Medical Fellowship as an organisation is strongly apposed to euthanasia or any form of physician assisted suicide.  As doctors we have many ethical and practical concerns about the possibility of legalising euthanasia or PAS.  For many of us our view of the inherent value of human life that the Bible teaches also forms our view.

We encourage our members to learn more about these issues for themselves and form their own stance on this frequently debated topic.  Even if you already have a strong view it is helpful to have well reasoned arguments that you can share with others in a respectful manner.  To help with this we have gathered some resources. These are listed below.

Also check out some Frequently Asked Questions about Euthanasia - answer by Euthanasia Free NZ

Why have recent attempts to legalised euthanasia in the UK failed (1 min video):

Here is one kiwi doctor's view (expressed in a 5 min video): What will yours be?

Euthanasia-Free NZ ran a webinar series on the wider issues related to living and dying well in August 2017, with Amanda Landers speaking on 'What happens to the dying body?'  Watch replays here.


Christian Medical Fellowship's Perspective:

CMF NZ's Position Statement

CMF NZ's Submission to the Health Select Committee

CMF NZ's Oral Submission to the Health Select Committee 


One simple thing you can do is read the statement at and email to add your name if you agree with the open letter.

For more to explore this issue further, see the links on these following pages:


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