Highlight Week 2019


Dear CMFnz Members and Supporters,

A caring community is one that supports and nurtures us through good times and also times of need. Part of creating this community is ensuring that we are connected to genuine support and involved in vibrant groups and activities. It also means sharing our achievements, our needs, and helping others.

CMFnz is a network of Christian doctors and medical students united in their common loyalty to our Lord Jesus Christ. Together as a caring community, we seek to deepen our Christian faith and set the highest attainable standards of Christian and professional conduct, and promote in the medical profession a personal faith in Jesus Christ and the acceptance of his ethical teaching.

We all have a role to play in being part of this community, and making CMFnz a setting where community spirit can thrive and reach out across members and beyond.

We share with you this week an update on our achievements and our needs going forward. Please prayerfully consider how you can share your gifts with CMFnz, and get in touch.


In Christ's love,
Helen Saunders, CMFnz Chair
Christian Medical Fellowship


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