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    Thanks for contributing to our fellowship. It's great to have you with us.


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    Full Membership

    Building fellowship

    Full membership is open to New Zealand doctors. As a full member, you are entitled to a 10% discount on your annual National Conference registration.

    Membership Directory

    All members receive access to CMFnz's Membership Directory.

    Members' contact details (name, email, phone, city and role/occupation) are included in the directory unless a request is made to opt out. See www.cmf.nz/privacy for more information, or contact [email protected] to opt out from being included in the directory.

    Please note that you must click the "Pay by Bank Transfer" or "Pay by credit/debit card" button to sign up and become a member.

    Discounted Rates

    Get full membership for PGY1 & 2 doctors

    Get full membership for retired doctors

    Declaration of Membership

    I declare my faith in God the Father, and in God the Son the Lord Jesus Christ who is my Saviour. I desire to be ruled by God the Holy Spirit in accordance with the Bible, the divinely appointed authority in matters of life and faith.

    Not a New Zealand doctor?

    If this isn't for you, you might like to look at one of our other memberships.

    Check out student membership for New Zealand medical students

    Check out associate membership for everyone



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