Our Vision

Doctors and medical students living wholeheartedly for Christ.

Our Mission

Supporting and equipping doctors and medical students to grow personally and professionally, in Christian faith and expression, in New Zealand and beyond.

Our Aims

The Christian Medical Fellowship of NZ aims to:

  • Unite Christian doctors and medical students in their common loyalty to our Lord Jesus Christ by both deepening their Christian faith and by seeking the highest attainable standards of Christian and professional conduct
  • Promote in the medical profession personal faith in Jesus Christ and the acceptance of his ethical teaching
  • Provide a forum for the expression of the relevance of the Christian faith to the particular issues of our national and local life as they relate to medicine
  • Strengthen the work of the University Christian groups, particularly in the Faculties of Medicine
  • Support the work of medical missionaries throughout the world

Our Basis of Belief

This is what CMFnz exists for and is grounded on - our basis of belief:

The revelation of the one true God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) as it is given to us in the Bible, which is the divinely appointed authority for faith and life; the Gospel of our redemption through the incarnation, death and bodily resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ; our regeneration and renewal in holiness through the Holy Spirit’s indwelling; and the expectation of the return of Christ to receive His people and to be the world’s righteous judge.

Everything we do in our personal and professional lives in medicine stems from this.


To view CMFnz's Constitution, click here.

Strategic Vision 

To view CMFnz’s Strategic Vision 2022-2032, click here

Our Story

The Christian Medical Fellowship in NZ arose rather informally in different parts of New Zealand back in the 1960s and 1970s... Read more

Join us

The support of each person in the CMFnz community - financially, in prayer, in volunteering time, in membership - enables us to continue to input into new generations of medical students and medical professionals, offer life-changing training through Saline Process and Reflect Conferences, and to be an effective national Christian voice on the medical and ethical issues facing New Zealand.


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