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There are lots of great books out there that are very relevant to our walk with Jesus, inside and outside of healthcare.

Jesus M.D.Jesus, M.D.

Dr David Stevens

CEO of CMDA (US Christian Medical & Dental Associations)

This book is for anyone who wants to get excited about medical mission, with entertaining & inspiring stories from Dr Stevens' work as a doctor in a mission hospital in Africa.

Dr Stevens draws a metaphor from the process of training in medicine to understanding the path of discipleship & maturing in our faith, helping his readers to understand that faith & medicine go hand in hand.


Dr Jeremy Beckett

CMFDA (Australia)

This book is for medical students and junior doctors about bringing faith & practice together so that our whole lives are united with the purpose of bringing glory to God. He points out the strengths and weaknesses common to the medical profession and how they influence the journey of faith.

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