Conference 2015 Seminars

We will be running two seminars on Saturday, each lasting one hour. Here are a selection of the topics that will be offered. More seminars will be updated as these details are confirmed.

How do we decide what science to trust?

Assoc Prof Philip Pattemore

Taha Wairua – The Role of Spirituality in Medical Practice

Dr Keith Carey-Smith

People from a refugee-background – a unique role for Christian doctors?

Dr Helen Saunders

From the Highlands of PNG to the cold of Dunedin, how can we introduce people to Jesus?

Dr Glennis Mafi

Implications for Christian doctors if euthanasia or assisted suicide are legalised

Prof David Richmond

Assisted suicide and euthanasia: The main arguments against legalisation

Renee Joubert (Euthanasia-Free NZ)

Balancing family and career

Dr Kirsty Saunders

Invited in - Community and Hospital NGO in NW Bangladesh

Dr Ruth Lennox (Interserve)

In the footsteps of Dr. James Hudson-Taylor: The missional impact of medical missions

Shireen Chua (OMF)

Medical mission

Panel discussion with representatives from various agencies


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