ICMDA XVIth World Congress

ICMDA 2018

Join Christian colleagues from around the world at the International Christian Medical & Dental XVIth World Congress.

The theme of the Congress is “In the footsteps of the Great Servant Healer”, from Isiah 42:5-7. The theme was chosen with the understanding that in the changing global context, the ICMDA family should have renewed understanding of our Master and His mandate and follow His footsteps.

The Congress aims to promote obedience because of the Covenant, obedience leading to leading the lost and ultimately disciple. Hence the tagline – Repent, Reprove, Restore.

'Our hope is that every member country group will be represented.  In some corners of the globe there are sure to be those for whom being there will remain but a distant dream. Such a dream can become a reality.  Christian graduate and student colleagues, who would not otherwise be able to attend, are supported by the ICMDA Bursary Fund  ...   Over the years so many have been enabled to share in this "life changing" experience and we trust that even more will come in 2018."  You can donate to this cause via our CMF NZ International Fund.

We'll see you in India!

August 21, 2018 at 1:00pm - August 26, 2018
Hyderabad, India


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