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    Christchurch Seminars

    Seminar 1

    1. Finding Direction in the Early Years with a panel of registrars: Dr Sophie Meyer, Dr Garrick Edge and Dr Steph Hight

    Are you considering which specialty is for you? Struggling to see how to balance faith, work, family....? Wondering what being a Christ Follower could look like in a secular workplace? This panel of registrars don’t have all the answers but they’ve worked through these same questions and will share their take on these and more. Training in a variety of specialities, they’ll share how they chose their vocational pathway and some challenges for them in their field. Some have taken time out from training and we’ll hear their stories. We anticipate that this will be of interest to students and early post-grads. There’ll be time along the way for Q&A’s.

    This session is facilitated by Dr Matt Chamberlain. Click here for information about Matt and the three panelists.

    2. Treating Mental Health in Me and my Community (in a Christ Way) with Dr Jeremy Baker

    In this practical seminar, Jeremy Baker will lead you through some tools to help clients identify distressed emotions and emotional states and build strategies towards overcoming these. You'll find techniques which are easily applicable in the medical setting as well as beneficial for our own emotional and spiritual growth as practitioners. The tools have a technical base in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, with the Gospel at its heart.

    Jeremy is a GP with a special interest in mental health and theology. One of Jeremy's tasks as clinical lead in mental health for Pegasus PHO was to deliver practical mental health courses to GPs. Subsequently he has also developed courses to train people within the churches. He is the clinical director of Deacon Trust (a mental health education provider) a PhD candidate studying the theological implications of trauma at the University of Aberdeen, and serves on the CMFnz Board.

    3. Reading Gospel Stories as Health Professionals Today with Rev Dr Sarah Harris

    This seminar will be a practical and explanatory discussion of the nature of healing stories. How do we translate these into today's world?

    Sarah has taught New Testament Studies at Carey Baptist College since 2012. Her academic interests are the Gospel of Luke, hermeneutics, women and children in the ancient world, and social reconstruction of daily life.

    Seminar 2

    1. Patient-Centred Care and Moral Distress with Dr Amanda Landers

    Patient-centred care is a central tenet in modern medical education. It places patient autonomy as the driving force behind medical decision-making. This is fundamentally changing the way medicine is practised and does not necessarily equate with best medical practice. Choices made by patients and their families/whānau may lead to moral distress in a practitioner. Our complex and stressed health system is under immense pressure to deliver with fewer resources. This generates a transactional culture of leadership, as opposed to a relational one. Clinicians are left with a sense of powerlessness. This seminar will define moral distress in medicine, the impact on health care teams and strategies for managing it in the workplace.

    Amanda is a palliative care physician who has worked in the Christchurch, Invercargill, Wellington and Darwin communities. She is now undertaking a full-time PhD looking at models of care for people with end-stage COPD.

    2. Overseas Mission: Opportunities and Privileges with panelists Rob Reynolds (SIM), Dr Helen Clark (WEC), Claire Hodgkins and Desiree Snyder (Marine Reach)

    Representatives from mission agencies SIM, WEC and Marine Reach will summarise what their mission does and where, what the opportunities for medical students or graduates are for long or short term service, and the privileges and challenges of responding to Christ's call to 'go and make disciples of all nations' in overseas contexts.



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    Doors Open

    9.00am Welcome & Worship
      Rev Dr Sarah Harris - Psalm 46
    "...therefore, we will not fear"
    Dr Sam Bloore - The biblical call to live wisely

    Morning Tea

    Dr Sam Bloore - Navigating complex issues with wisdom
      Sharing & Prayer


    Lunch (provided)


    Seminar 1

    3.00pm Afternoon tea


    Seminar 2
    4.45pm Soapbox


    Dinner (provided)

    7.00pm Worship & Evening session:
      Dr Sam Bloore - Finding Hope:
    Some encouragement from the book of Revelation!
    8.30pm Closing prayer


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    Auckland Seminars

    Seminar 1

    1. Choosing a medical specialty with a panel of registrars

    Our panel of doctors will look at the realities of their chosen specialties: the favourite parts of their job and the challenges. We’ll explore the things that surprised these trainees about their chosen specialty, the special opportunities to serve and how they chose their vocational pathway. A couple of these doctors have taken time out of their training and we’ll hear their stories about what they learnt during this time.  We anticipate this seminar will be of interest to medical students & junior doctors considering their vocational pathway.  There will be time for Q&A along the way.  This session is facilitated by Ben Thompson who knows a thing or two about the realities of medicine from being married to a doctor.

    Click here for information about the five panelists.

    2. Listening: The space for grace - What young people have taught me in eight years of youth health with Dr Cheryl Bollen

    Cheryl has been a GP for 30 years and a Youth Health specialist GP for 8 years. She will share what the young people have taught her over the journey and some of the tools she has found helpful as she walks with them, dispensing good medical care, seasoned with grace, love and hope.


    3. Reading gospel stories as health professionals today with Rev Dr Sarah Harris

     This seminar will be a practical and explanatory discussion of the nature of healing stories. How do we translate these into today's world?

    Sarah has taught New Testament Studies at Carey Baptist College since 2012. Her academic interests are the Gospel of Luke, hermeneutics, women and children in the ancient world, and social reconstruction of daily life.

    Seminar 2

    1. Parenting and medicine with a panel of three couples

    Is it possible to combine a medical career with a family in a way where both flourish?

    Questions like this tend to feature prominently during coffee after ward rounds and can weigh heavy when choosing a specialty in medicine. In this seminar three couples at various stages of parenting & careers chat about how they’ve combined parenting and medicine. They’ll share the highs and lows, what they’ve learnt along the way, their favourite parenting resources and how they’ve chosen to structure their family rhythms in a way that works for them. This session is facilitated by GP Dr Helen Saunders.

    Click here for information about Helen Saunders and the panelists.

    2. Caring for your soul - spiritual practices, connecting with God with Dr Angelika Halstead

    The great disease of our times that causes most of our individual and social troubles is “loss of soul”. Understanding the nature and needs of the soul is therefore paramount. But what exactly do we mean by “soul” and how can we embrace soulful ways of being? This seminar is based on a psycho-spiritual model and responds to these questions. It offers tools for our journey home where we live from a place of genuineness and depth and where we are divided no more.

    Angelika has a background in pharmacy, education, counselling and spiritual direction. Her PhD focused on psycho-spiritual growth and transformation through therapeutic writing.

    3. Overseas Mission: Opportunities and Privileges with panelists Rob Reynolds (SIM), Dr Helen Clark (WEC), Claire Hodgkins and Desiree Snyder (Marine Reach)

    Representatives from mission agencies SIM, WEC and Marine Reach will summarise what their mission does and where, what the opportunities for medical students or graduates are for long or short term service, and the privileges and challenges of responding to Christ's call to 'go and make disciples of all nations' in overseas contexts.



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    Tuakana Support Guidelines | Tuakana Support Resources

    The further I go on in life, the more convinced I am that every Christian is a struggling Christian dependent on help from brothers and sisters who know their needs and vulnerabilities. Lungs don't work without hearts, or legs without feet. We're simply not designed for solo flight." 
    Rebecca McLaughlin - Confronting Christianity

    Tuakana Support Guidelines

    Regular Catch-ups Whether you meet together monthly or fortnightly, it's best to aim to catch up regularly. At your first catch up with, discuss what shape you'd like your time together to take. You may decide to meet for a coffee at a local cafe, church, at the hospital or your flat. At times, due to placements or time pressures, the best way to make it work may be to connect via Zoom from time-to-time. You're both busy people, and need to respect each other's time: keep your catch-ups to an hour. Plan ahead, and put dates in the diary. Moving a catch-up if need be, or connecting with a phone call, is better than finding two months have passed since you last spoke.

    Prayer Come prayerfully to your time together, and make time between catch-ups to remember one another in prayer. Be alert to the Lord's work in your lives, and to the ways in which he is working and answering prayer. Whenever you meet, spend some time in prayer together. Commit the things you talk about together to the Lord in prayer, and pray for the concerns and pressures that you each are facing.

    Different Approaches There will be occasions when you will simply spend time together sharing about what's 'on top' and in prayer for each other. Other times you'll dip into Scripture together, reading a Psalm, a gospel passage or an epistle together and considering the challenge and the invitation that it presents. Sometimes you'll appreciate having some resources to work through and discuss together: articles or devotionals written by Christian medical students or doctors, or Bible studies designed for medical students. See below for more on this.

    Openness & Vulnerability Your sharing sets the tone for your time together: it is your vulnerability which will 'set the table' for the other to share honestly with you. You don't need to have it all together! Sharing your story and the challenges you have faced or are wrestling with invites openness and God’s grace: 'If we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin.' (1 John 1:7)

    Laughter & Trust Remember that your time together doesn't need to be heavy and serious to be meaningful! Laughter and humour can build connection and bring much needed relief in the middle of your training. What is vital is a sense of trust and safety between you. Be clear that what is shared is shared in confidence.

    Consider Wellbeing One framework for sharing together that may be helpful to you is the Māori model of hauora, or wellbeing, through the concept of te whare tapa whā. Encompassing four dimensions of health and wellbeing: taha tinana (physical wellbeing), taha hinengaro (mental and emotional wellbeing), taha whānau (social well-being) and taha wairua (spiritual wellbeing), it is a reminder of the importance of taking care of all aspects of our well-being.


    A suggested structure for a mentoring session.

    1. Make sure your meeting place is quiet and somewhere you are unlikely to be disturbed. A glass of water and tissues may be useful.

    2. Give each other time to settle. Open with prayer, asking for wisdom.
      If it is the first session, you could each share a little about yourselves.

    3. Discuss expectations and goals of mentoring if it is the first session.
      • What you are hoping to get out of the sessions: e.g. fellowship, difficult situations discussion, career advice, going through and discussing a book together etc.
      • Frequency of meetings and time: usually one hour, once every month
      • Confidentiality: an exception is if there is a risk of harm to self or others
      • Who is responsible for what: e.g. initiating meetings
      • Timely notification if cancelling a session and respect for each other’s time

    4. Ask what teina/mentee would like to discuss in the session.
      If there is some hesitancy, some prompts can be helpful.
      • What have been opportunities and challenges to living out your faith in the everyday life as a medical student/doctor since we last met?
      • Are there any situations (e.g. a difficult patient interaction, a death, an interaction with a colleague) that you would like to talk about?
      • Are there specific topics or issues you would like to talk through?
      • You might also consider a different approach such as reading the Scripture together, or discussing a book or devotional together.

    5. Listen well and ask appropriate questions.

    6. Keep to time where possible.

    7. As the meeting closes clarify goals and objectives for the next meeting. Consider presenting tasks to complete. Consider booking in a time for the next meeting before finishing.
    8. Finish with prayer. You could ask ‘How can I be praying for you?’

    9. Make a few notes after the session such as goals or other tasks.

    10. Remember each other in between meetings and pray for each other and for the next meeting. Consider encouraging each other with messaging.

    Tuakana Support Resources

    CMFnz is a member organisation of the ICMDA (the International Christian Medical and Dental Association) and we're grateful to be able to share with you resources prepared by the ICMDA and two other national movements: UK's Christian Medical Fellowship and the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia. Have a look through the resources available and consider which may be useful to you.

    S_Y_N_A_P_S_E.pngKindly shared with us by the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia (CMDFA), SYNAPSE is a series of flexible Bible studies designed to spark discussion and personal reflection. Developed with medical students and graduates in mind, there are ten Synapse studies, in either a ‘mini’ 20 minute format, or a more detailed 60 minute format, to allow deeper exploration of the themes and Scriptures. 

    Highly accessible, topics include Dangers of being a healthcare student: drifting and entanglement; The opportunity that being a healthcare student provides; The Lordship of Jesus Christ over everything; Your goal as a healthcare student for the year ahead.

    CMF student publication - by students, for students

    Released two to three times per year, and fully available online, CMF's Nucleus magazine is full of articles relevant to Christian medical students here in Aotearoa New Zealand, despite being written for the UK context. For challenge and inspiration, choose an article to read, and discuss issues pertinent to Christian students in medicine.

    Questions to build your discussion around could include:

    • What stands out to you from what you've read?
    • What resonates with you? Is there anything you disagree with?
    • In what way does this article challenge current thinking or behaviour?
    • What's the key take-away for you? How are you going to incorporate this into your life?

    Dr Peter Saunders, former CMF (UK) CEO and current CEO of the International Christian Medical and Dental Association has written this helpful booklet particularly for junior doctors - though again the concepts and advice are similarly applicable for medical students.

    Freely available to download, Surviving the Foundation Years: How to thrive as a Christian doctor is organised into twelve pieces of practical advice to help you navigate the early years in medicine and grow in your Christian faith. Each piece of advice can be read in a few minutes, and then can be discussed together and prayed through.

    CMF (UK) publishes a daily devotional for Christians in healthcare on their website, which is freely available to all: You may find that this is a useful tool for you in walking daily with the Lord. When you meet together, you could read the devotion of the day, take time to do the further Scripture reading that is suggested, and discuss the devotion together.

    CMF UK Articles
    CMF UK has published a series of articles giving a Christian perspective on all sorts of medical topics and ethical issues.
    If a particular question or topic is of interest, check to see if there’s a relevant article then aim to both read it before your next meeting when you can further discuss it. If you scroll down this page you’ll find collections of articles from all CMF’s publications on particular topics.

    Luke's Journal - CMDFA

    Written for an Australian audience, CMDFA publishes Luke’s Journal around 3 times a year. “Luke’s Journal seeks to demonstrate and inspire the integration of Christian faith and work in healthcare through the medium of the written word. Each edition of Luke’s Journal centres around a topic and covers its breadth and depth as engaged by different members of the body of Christ.” Browse previous issues, find a topic of interest then discuss what stood out to you from the articles you read. 

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    Click here to listen to Reflect 2021 Keynote Sessions

    We are excited to announce a new format to the Christian Medical Fellowship of New Zealand's Reflect Conference in 2021. This year we are running two 1-day conferences, one in Auckland on 22 May and one in Christchurch on 29 May, instead of our usual full-weekend national conference. Bringing together medical students, doctors and other health professionals from around New Zealand, Reflect 2021 will encourage and equip you to live and work wholeheartedly for Christ.

    We are delighted to have Dr Sam Bloore (Senior Teaching Fellow with the Venn Foundation) joining us as keynote speaker along with Rev Dr Sarah Harris (Lecturer at Carey Baptist College) as our devotional speaker - see below for more details. Reflect 2021 will be a full day of teaching, reflection, prayer, worship, fellowship and discussion, seminars and good food, with friends and Christian colleagues from around Aotearoa New Zealand. 

    As we are all too aware, NZ's COVID-19 Alert Levels can change quickly. We are preparing for an online conference under Alert Level 3 & 4 restrictions, but should conference need to be cancelled due to COVID-19, full refunds will be given. We intend that our Reflect Conferences will go ahead in person under Alert Level 2, with a cap on participants to the first 100 to register for each conference. Register soon to avoid missing out.

    We certainly hope to see you in person in Auckland or Christchurch in May. Numbers are limited; register today!

    Explore the site below for registrations, speaker information and more.

    Reflect Ticket Prices

    Waged | $119
    Unwaged | $79

    CMFnz Members are entitled to a 10% discount on the above rates. To check your membership status, please email [email protected].


    Saturday 22 May 2021: 9am-8.30pm
    Royal Oak Baptist Church - 114 Symonds Street, Royal Oak

    Registrations for Auckland Reflect Conference have now closed.


    Saturday 29 May 2021: 9am-8.30pm
    Opawa Baptist Church - 285 Wilsons Road, Waltham

    Registrations for Christchurch Reflect Conference have now closed.

    Student Travel Subsidies
    All CMFnz Student Members who need to travel to attend one of our Reflect Conferences are eligible for a travel subsidy: apply as you register.
    Dunedin-based students - up to $50
    Wellington-based students - up to $75
    Students based in other regions - up to $40

    Dr Sam Bloore | Keynote Speaker
    Senior Teaching Fellow, Venn Foundation

    Sam Bloore is deeply passionate about the intersection of faith and culture, in particular how individuals establish and enhance a personal spirituality that is stable and sustainable. After graduating from medicine and bioethics at Otago University, he did his house surgeon years in Whangarei before heading to NSW to locum in Emergency Medicine and Psychiatry. In 2002, he began a gradual career change, and over the next few years Sam joined the staff of his local church and completed a Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology. He is now working towards a Doctorate of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary and while not practicing medicine, he maintains a connection with the profession - most recently, through involvement in the Euthanasia referendum. Sam and his wife Julia oversee the residential life of the Venn Foundation's Fellowship programme and are committed to developing the conversations and community practices that provide opportunities for grown and formation in all walks of life. They attend St Paul's Anglican Church in Auckland where Sam also works part-time as a Teaching Pastor.  

    Sam will give three talks:

    1. The biblical call to live wisely
      Wisdom is one of the “meta” themes in Scripture – throughout we find both implicit and explicit calls to live our lives wisely. But what exactly does that look like? And how exactly should we do it? Especially when those concepts of wisdom look like foolishness to so many others?
    2. Navigating complex issues with wisdom
      Against a backdrop of Covid-19, 2020 threw up some other complex issues for the medical community, including: the Abortion Legislation Act 2020; referenda on cannabis and euthanasia; ongoing changes and disagreement over our understandings of sexuality and gender. Every medical specialty has its areas of complexity – how do we live and practice wisely in the midst of them?
    3. Finding Hope: some encouragement from the book of Revelation!
      As our medical (or any other) vocations play out in the trenches of day-to-day practice, it is natural to go through seasons of discouragement. And depending on your exposure to the book of Revelation, it might seem an unlikely place to find hope and comfort.
      But it is! If an aspect of wisdom is “rightly naming reality” then an essential aspect of that is to “come up here and see” the larger reality with John.


    Rev Dr Sarah Harris | Devotional Speaker
    New Testament Lecturer, Carey Baptist College

    Sarah Harris has taught New Testament Studies at Carey Baptist College since 2012. Her academic interests are the Gospel of Luke, hermeneutics, women and children in the ancient world, and social reconstruction of daily life. She is married to Craig who is the vicar of the Cedar Centre Anglican community church in Beach Haven and has four amazing adult children. Sarah is absolutely delighted to be able to speak at this year's CMFnz Reflect conference. Her aim is to encourage you in your faith and help you love Jesus more.

    Sarah will bring a devotion from Psalm 46 "...therefore, we will not fear"Our world is facing immense challenges and change with Covid-19, but the world is not out of control. God is still at work, and an ever present help in trouble. In this devotion we explore the certainty of God in a changing world.

    She will also lead a practical and explanatory seminar entitled Reading gospel stories as health professionals today at both the Auckland and Christchurch conferences.



    Are meals provided at conference?
    Yes, conference is fully catered! Lunch and dinner is provided for all who register for conference, along with light refreshments for morning and afternoon tea. 

    Are special dietary requirements catered for? 
    We are able to fully cater for gluten-free and vegetarian diets, and there will be vegan meal options for lunch and dinner, though we cannot guarantee vegan food at morning or afternoon tea. We are not able to cater for other dietary requirements so if you have allergies you may wish to make arrangements for your meals independently for conference. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Feel free to contact us for any questions about food: [email protected].

    How will conference work at the different COVID-19 Alert Levels?
    At alert levels 1 and 2 hand sanitiser will be readily available, and QR-code posters will be clearly displayed for contact tracing purposes. You will be reminded by email in the week prior to conference that if you're sick, have cold, flu or COVID-19 symptoms or are legally required to self-isolate that you cannot attend the conference.
    At Alert Level 2, a limit of 100-people will be placed on conference attendance, face masks will be provided for those who wish to wear a mask, and allowance for physical distancing will be made.
    At Alert Level 3 or 4, conference will not be able to be held in-person, and every effort will be made to move the conference to an online format. Should this not be possible and conference needs to be cancelled, conference registration fees will be fully refunded.

    What is your cancellation policy?
    If conference is cancelled for any reason, all registration fees will be fully refunded. If you cancel your registration before 7th May, your registration fee will be fully refunded less a $30 administration fee. Cancellations after 7th May will result in 100% cancellation fee being payable, although partial refunds may be given under certain circumstances.
    You can view our full terms and conditions here.

    Is there any childcare available for my kids at conference?
    At the Christchurch Reflect conference a creche will be available for preschool children but we are not able to offer childcare - you will need to bring a carer or childminder with you to supervise your child(ren). Please contact [email protected] if you intend to bring children and make use of the creche facilities: for our COVID-19-related planning, we need to have a clear idea of numbers in the event of running a conference under Alert Level 2. Unfortunately there are no childcare facilities available at the Auckland Reflect conference.

    How can I become a member of CMFnz?
    You can sign up to CMFnz membership here or learn more about membership at All members are entitled to a 10% discount on conference fees.

    Have your questions been answered?

    For all enquiries please contact [email protected].

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    Our Story

    The Christian Medical Fellowship in NZ arose rather informally in different parts of New Zealand back in the 1960s and 1970s, if not before. This happened largely through the very strong example and encouragement of the CMF in the United Kingdom. The pathways to training for most NZ doctors in those days was to go to the UK, get their “fellowship” and return a few years later. During that time, they were infected by the pastoral support and example of Christian doctors in the places where they worked who were often part of the local CMF. 

    Consequently, groups of CMFers now transplanted back into NZ would come together, meeting to encourage each other as Christians in their medical vocations. Visits from Christian senior consultants and academics usually from the UK were keenly drawn into these gatherings to encourage and challenge these groups of doctors through fellowship but especially in sharing their biblical perspectives in health care and doctor self-care. 

    A vision grew that there should be more than just this and that Christian doctors around NZ should work together as CMFnz to achieve more to support doctors in the walk and witness, to speak out nationally where needed, to support missionary doctors and to encourage the work with medical students. 

    And so CMFnz came to be with a constitution, subs and a bank account. It was administered initially by a strong team in Auckland and subsequently the baton passed to Dunedin – both closely linked to Medical Schools and the work with students. 

    During all this time there were continuing close relationships with the Tertiary Student Christian Fellowship (TSCF – who work amongst Christian tertiary students in NZ) and the international CMF movements especially in the UK. In 1982 we became part of the International Christian Medical and Dental Association. All these similarly committed groups provided great inspiration and some produced important resources (books, newsletters, guides, etc.) and other opportunities to grow as Christian doctors here in NZ.  

    By the late 1990s some of the fire had dimmed and this prompted a relook at the vision for CMFnz into the future. A summit followed, goals reset, a medical student took a year out to become the National Secretary, a newsletter came back to life, student groups stirred afresh and a surgical registrar took on the job of student worker and represented CMFnz at the international ICMDA meeting in South Africa – all of this was in partnership with TSCF. Renewed support came in and there were plus 175 on the mailing list. God was really good. 

    Come 2006 we were still just meeting out there in local groups, still being challenged, and God was still working there, but... Then there was the opportunity to join in the Sydney meeting of the ICMDA. Quite a contingent went including some students funded by members of CMFnz. This was an exciting event and out of it those who went had a real ‘God moment’ - we in NZ really did need to get together, to fellowship, to be inspired by the Word and by the Spirit. And God honoured that and the executive team in Dunedin invited Dr John Patrick from Ottawa Canada to lead our first National Conference in Queenstown. And of course, from there CMFnz took a new turn in its growing mission. 

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    Endowment Fund

    Make a donation - Leave a gift in your will - Provide a lasting legacy

    Sow into God's work in the New Zealand medical community for the future by giving to CMFnz's endowment fund. This fund exists to provide an income stream for CMFnz and its ministries for generations to come.

    Doctors and medical students living wholeheartedly for Christ

    The Christian Medical Fellowship of New Zealand Incorporated is a community of Christian doctors, medical students and supporters, seeking to live wholeheartedly for Christ in all areas of their lives. CMFnz provides regional support and fellowship groups, national training initiatives, mentoring and support for students and the university Christian medical student groups, undertaking advocacy initiatives and encouraging medicine as mission, in New Zealand and overseas.

    The Endowment Fund

    Bequests to CMFnz are invested in CMFnz's endowment fund, ensuring that income generated from your gift will support CMFnz’s work for future generations of Christian medical practitioners and medical students.  The endowment fund is not a separate legal entity but a CMFnz asset dedicated to supporting the long-term financial wellbeing of the organisation.  The fund is governed by rules that ensure it serves the long-term sustainability of CMFnz’s work (available on request). 

    The fund capital is invested and only income is used for day-to-day operational expenditure.  Through bequests and one-off gifts, supporters of CMFnz are able to contribute to this capital asset.  

    What your gift can do

     Support and disciple medical students in their professional and faith journeys, through strengthening the work of the University Christian groups, mentoring initiatives, and providing grants

     Resource advocacy initiatives, bringing a clear and effective Christian voice on issues relating to medicine into the public sphere

     Develop our work training medical students and doctors in Christian faith and expression through our annual Reflect conference and Saline training courses

     Strengthen the CMFnz community on a national and regional level

     Provide ongoing operational support to CMFnz

    How you can donate

    Make a payment via internet banking into the CMFnz Westpac endowment fund account: 
    Any donation intended for the endowment fund should be clearly identified as such. Please email [email protected] with your name and donation details so that a receipt can be issued to you for tax rebate purposes. 

    Note, ordinary donations intended to support operational expenditure should be paid into the CMFnz general fund which is distinct from the endowment fund (click here for details)

    Bequests and Wills

    A bequest is a gift made in a last will and testament. After you have provided for your family and friends, we invite you to consider leaving a bequest to enable CMFnz to continue to grow its work amongst Christian medical students and doctors in New Zealand. 

    How to leave a bequest
    We recommend that you contact your solicitor, accountant or financial advisor for professional advice on making or changing your will. 

    Recommended wording
    We suggest that you add the following wording to your will:

    I give to the Christian Medical Fellowship of New Zealand Incorporated 03-0883-0189563-000 the sum of $_______ (or _____________% of my residuary estate) to be applied for its charitable purposes. I declare the receipt of the Secretary or other officer will be sufficient discharge to my Executors who will not be bound to the see the application of this gift.  

    We'd love to hear from you!

    We value those who give generously, participate, support and pray for the work of CMFnz in many different ways. If you have donated to the endowment fund or established a bequest in your will we thank God for this invaluable gift.

    Please email us at [email protected] - we would love to be in touch with you.

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    Full Membership For New Doctors

    How about membership for free?

    If you're just getting started practising (PGY1 & 2), it doesn't hurt to get a little extra help. That's why we offer full membership to PGY1 & 2 doctors without the usual membership fee. We encourage PGY2 doctors to make a koha/donation as or when you're able, to support the work of CMFnz. 

    Your Fellowship

    Full membership is open to New Zealand doctors. Full members are entitled to a 10% discount on their annual National Conference registration.

    All members receive CMFnz's Membership Directory which is published annually, and all members' contact details (name, email, phone, city and role/occupation) are published in the directory unless a request is made to opt out. See for more information, or contact [email protected] to opt out from being included in the directory.

    Declaration of Membership

    Members should be able to agree to the following declaration of membership:

    I declare faith in God the Father, and in God the Son the Lord Jesus Christ who is my Saviour. I desire to be ruled by God the Holy Spirit in accordance with the Bible, the divinely appointed authority in matters of life and faith.

    I agree and apply for free full membership


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