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Otago CMF meets weekly and the best way to see details of what's happening is to check their Facebook group.

The group's purpose is: 'to provide a community of friendship and fellowship within Otago Medical School that develops students as disciples of God, and equips them to learn and serve, to live and speak for Jesus, as Christian medical students.'

Voting is open for the 2019 CMFnz Board Student Representative - Otago


The standing candidate is Zoe Ogilvie:

Hello fellow Otagoites! I'm Zoe Ogilvie, and I'd like to be your student rep on the board next year.

A bit about me: I'm from Christchurch originally, but in 2019 I will be entering fourth year in Dunedin. I've been actively involved with CMFnz in Dunedin and nationally since my second year, serving to run the Dunedin group in 2017 and working alongside the leaders this year during my gap year as an intern with Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship (TSCF).

Over the last three years I have gathered a great picture of how CMFnz could look, both at a national level and locally.  I have met people involved in similar groups around the world through attending national, regional and international conferences, and would love to help continue to realise and shape the vision of CMFnz through taking the positions of the students to the board. Particularly at the moment I am passionate about developing support for ALM students and younger graduates in each of Otago's three centers, as well as facilitating connections between medical students, doctors and other healthcare professionals, with the goal of us all supporting each other to maintain and grow our faith in challenging environments. "

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Voting closes on Friday 25 October.

Some activities include:

  • March camp
  • Hot Cross Buns and gospel distribution 
    • "So the Dunedin CMF group did some outreach around Easter today. They bought 200 hot cross buns and I supplied 50 copies of Godzone (a TSCF publication of Luke's Gospel). The students offered people a warm buttered hot cross bun and asked if people know the Easter story. If people said 'no' then they were offered a copy of Godzone to read over the break, and we had a couple of good conversations around the gospels too. The interest was so high that next time we do it I think we’ll offer a follow-up bible study to those who are interested."
  • Dinner with a Doc
  • Medical Orientation Day (an opportunity to connect with around 180 of new medical students and explain CMFnz)





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