National Conference 2017 Accommodation

You are welcome to stay with us at Lakeland Park Christian Camp and Convention Centre or to make your own arrangements.

Standard Accommodation

Comfortable bunk-style accommodation is available with all accommodation bookings.

Upgraded Accommodation

A variety of upgraded accommodation options exist.  These spaces will be allocated according to needs, eg families, people with disabilities, senior attendees, and if possible for couples.  If you have special accommodation needs to be considered, please contact

See Lakeland Park accommodation for information about the site.

For all staying on site, it will be necessary to either:

  • bring your own sleeping bag, pillow, pillowcase and towel; 
  • bring your own sleeping bag, pillow case and towel, and pay $3 for the hire of a pillow; or 
  • pay $20 for the hire of a linen pack (sheets, duvet, pillow, pillowcase and towel).

Please use these links to make a credit card payment prior to 1 May 2017.

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