Chief Executive Officer

Tania Jones (Chief Executive Officer)

Tania Jones - Chief Executive Officer

Appointed in November 2016, Tania comes to CMFnz with experience in project leadership and management in tertiary education and economic development, and experience in various community governance roles. She is also a business owner with a distinctive bias for community development and engagement. She is passionate about strengthening people and organisations through collaboration, connection and learning. Email tania.jones@cmf.nz

Board Members

Helen Saunders (Board Member)

Helen Saunders - Chairperson

Helen is a General Practitioner at the National Refugee Resettlement Centre in Auckland & also clinical lead for refugee health. She's been involved with CMFnz as a medical student, then in Wellington in the 1990's before returning to Auckland in 2003 and helping organise CMFnz events until 2008. She sees the value of medical students and graduates spurring each other on as followers of Christ in our different work spheres. Email helen.saunders@cmf.nz


Sarah Masterton (Board Member)

Sarah Masterton - Secretary

Sarah is a doctor working in Canterbury. She has been involved with CMFnz since she was a medical student and has attended a number of international congresses. She is keen to see recent graduates develop and maintain links with CMFnz. Email sarah.masterton@cmf.nz


Fraser Hodgson (Chief Medical Officer)

Fraser Hodgson

Fraser is a General Practitioner in Te Awamutu where he has lived with his wife and five children (now adults) for many years. He has also worked with the University of Auckland as the Clinical Director for General Practice at the Waikato Clinical School, and serves as a medical officer for Waikeria prison. Fraser is co-opted onto the board with responsibilities for membership liaison and newsletter communication. Email fraser.hodgson@cmf.nz


Pete Le Cren

Peter Le Cren - Vice Chairperson

Pete is a barrister and health law specialist.  He has over 20 years experience in medico-legal roles and has a particular interest in supporting not-for-profit and humanitarian providers.  Pete joined the CMFnz Board in February 2018. Email peter.lecren@cmf.nz



Diana Rae - Vice Chairperson

Diana has been involved in CMF (UK) since a medical student. Originally working in General Practice, she trained in Palliative Medicine in the UK, before moving to New Zealand in 2014. She now lives in Taranaki, and works in a hospice. Diana is keen to set up CMFnz meetings in New Plymouth, and to meet new students and doctors at the annual conference. Email diana.rae@cmf.nz

Steve Withington

Steve is a Consultant Physician and Rural Hospital Specialist. He currently works part-time in Ashburton Hospital and part-time for the University of Otago Rural Postgraduate Training Programme. Having completed a Masters in Theology from Laidlaw College, he was previously a part-time pastor and now serves on the Board of Elders at South West Baptist Church. Steve has a passion for Christian community development. Email steve.withington@cmf.nz

Jack Haywood

Jack is a registrar, currently working in the Christchurch Emergency Department. He is training in Rural Hospital Medicine, and hopes to also train in general practice. He has been involved with CMFnz as a student and a graduate, and is passionate about the good work CMFnz does to reach students and doctors across New Zealand. Email jack.haywood@cmf.nz

Zoe Ogilvie - Student Representative

Zoe is currently a fourth year medical student studying at the Dunedin campus of the Otago University Medical School. She has been involved with CMF since 2016, serving the student group in Dunedin. She wants to see the groups in Dunedin, Christchurch and Wellington strengthened in their ability to help medical students walk with God well into their medical careers. Email zoe.ogilvie@cmf.nz

Callum Hammond (Student Representative)

Callum Hammond - Student Representative

Callum is a medical student at the University of Auckland, currently rotating through a variety of specialist teams. He has been involved with CMFnz since 2016, and co-led the CMFnz group at Grafton Campus in 2017. He believes God uses CMFnz on campus at Auckland University to teach Christians and non-Christians alike the reality of the good news. Email callum.hammond@cmf.nz



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