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Interserve New Zealand has on two occasions sent a medical team to Asia for a three week mostly observational trip, to Cambodia and to Western India.  The visits have been extremely valuable particularly for medical students to see a quite different spectrum of disadvantage and disease, to see a variety of Christian responses to the needs, and to see Christian testimony in a culture where historically Christianity has not been dominant.  It is also helpful to them in planning an elective period in their final (6th) year.

We are pleased to announce a 2017 trip to India, led by Philip and Wendy Pattemore, paediatrician and palliative care specialist respectively.


Philip reports:  

We are planning to visit Christian Medical College and Hospital, Vellore, South India.  

Our intended leaving date is 18th November 2017 from New Zealand, and returning 10th/11th December (3 working weeks)

We plan to visit some rural development work around this very large Christian Hospital.  It has one rural sector which has become a WHO model for rural health care delivery, based on village basic medical workers, referring through in a pyramidal structure all the way if necessary to tertiary surgery and medicine in the main hospital.  In another rural sector besides a rural medical centre with visiting specialist clinics, they have set up micro-enterprise and women’s self-help groups to raise the health and well-being of the very poorest of the rural people.  In the city of Vellore the Low Cost Effective Care Unit seeks to provide affordable but responsible care to people living in the slums of Vellore.  These are all affiliated to CMC which is also a highly developed tertiary centre with cardiac surgery and neurosurgery.  There will be potential opportunity to visit some of the main hospital services or other satellite works of the hospital, such as the Eye Hospital, the Mental Health centre, or the Leprosy Hospital out of town, which is famous for Paul Brand’s pioneering work on tendon transplants for people with leprosy.

We will be accommodated around Vellore, most likely on the Medical College Campus, which is a few kilometres out of town.

We plan to travel to Chennai, more or less all together, and travel by train to Vellore.  At the end of the trip, if it works out we will do a brief train and car excursion up to the hill station of Ooty (2,280m elevation)  in the Nilgiri Hills, and back down through a wildlife sanctuary to Mysore and Bangalore, and leave from Bangalore as suits you.

We are looking for medical students from 2nd-6th year and others interested if the size of the team is suitable.

India horizontal photostrip

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We need further couples, if possible with medical and/or overseas mission experience, to help lead these trips.

For further information, please contact Wendy and Philip Pattemore


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