Christian student groups are great for connecting with fellow students as you learn. If you're a medical student in Otago or Auckland, we'd love to have you join us! Please get in touch.

Otago medical students: contact or link in to our Otago Christian Medical Fellowship Facebook group.

Auckland medical students: contact or find the Auckland Christian Medical Fellowship group on Facebook.


Events for Students



The annual national CMFnz Conference includes a seminar stream focussed on topics for medical students and provides a great opportunity to meet and enjoy fellowship with students from other areas, recent graduates and experienced doctors.

VISION Student Leaders Conference

A conference from CMDFA in Australia, designed to train and equip Christian medical student leaders, with tools to assist them in their campus ministry.  Invitation is by nomination only.


An annual conference put on by the CMDFA (Christian Medical & Dental Fellowship of Australia) with a focus to inspire and challenge young medics and dentists to be solid in faith, obedient in following Christ and determined to make an impact in healthcare.

Resources for Students


Nucleus Magazine

Nucleus is a magazine by medical students, for medical students. Published regularly by CMF in the United Kingdom, it is packed full of great material aimed at helping you through medical school, and preparing you for a career in healthcare.

All CMF UK's Nucleus Magazine editions are available online.
Or contact us to receive a copy in the post.

The National Bible Curriculum

There are some great individual or group Bible studies specifically for health care students. Free to use, The National Bible Curriculum is written and produced by the Christian Medical & Dental Fellowship of Australia.

Testimonies from Students

Impact Conference 2017 - Melbourne

Impact conference 2017

"Truly one of the most rejuvenating times of the year for me... The people I met at IMPACT were some of the most influential and
passionate doctors, dentists and respective students from their own region. Yet, we all gathered with one purpose and [with] similar conflicts that we had all faced at work and outside of the hospital."

"IMPACT attendees’ [demonstrated] openness and genuine compassion … I gained the greatest amount of comfort and restoration from Pastor [name removed for anonymity] ... He himself was a man who had gone through many trials in life – he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, and had undergone strenuous investigations and treatment. He preached on Romans 8 and shared some of the most fundamental doctrines that we need to anchor ourselves to, in order to move forward, past the suffering in life. I came away from IMPACT believing that “in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose... Although there are… present sufferings… there is a greater glory that waits."

"I was in desperate need for a weekend retreat. I needed a spiritual/mental renewal, a reminder of why I do what I do, and a rediscovery of God as my creator, saviour, sustainer and supporter. What high expectations I had placed on this [one] weekend conference!  The conference theme “Steadfast in the Storm” was the challenge that God has for us, that we would be strong in faith in Christ through the storms of medicine, health, relationships and in all aspects of life.  It was a great encouragement sharing the weekend with our Australian colleagues and being inspired at the various CMF activities happening all over Australia. There was great unity in all people at the conference due to our common calling to bring Christ light into our medical professions.’

"I had the opportunity to meet many intelligent students and doctors all sharing the same faith in Christ.  Prior to joining the Christian Medical Fellowship I did feel quite isolated in terms of faith, however, at the conference I networked with many great brothers and sisters which truly did bring me a sense of community and belonging in this medical field. We deal with similar difficulties and hence can understand and be supportive of each other amidst the hard times. In the same [way] the Spirit also helps in our weakness guiding us to pray for each other."

“The worship, teaching, people, and overall experience were very high quality and I found it a very encouraging weekend which I was able to take back and share with my CMF group the following week … The slightly different focus of a conference like IMPACT, on investing in the medical students and allowing them to meet each other, was something I really enjoyed … The conference was set up to be very friendly to people such as myself coming from other parts of Australia or New Zealand.”

"It exceeded my expectations. I feel that this conference has definitely equipped me to endure greater things, and to stand steadfast in faith in this world of suffering. The profession that we are in naturally puts us in the storms of many other people’s lives. Instead of being overwhelmed, I am now motivated to think deeply about what kind of doctor I want to become.  I am grateful for this opportunity to have taken time out of my normal hospital environment, to be given a chance to think about the profound and fundamental questions in life. Often we get too caught up in our jobs and tasks that we forget what is really important and a chance to reset our focus is crucial.  Fellowship such as [this] is so precious and priceless. I would recommend all christian medical students and doctors attend in the future."

Impact Conference 2016 - Collaroy Center, Sydney
Jono Childs (Christchurch medical student)

CMDFA Sydney Conference 2016"It was a privilege to be one of 6 kiwi medical students and junior docs to be sponsored to attend and represent CMF NZ! The theme was Jesus "The Great Physician."  We were blessed to have inspiring, down-to-earth Aussie docs teach from Philippians, and share their journeys of following Christ and how that has overflown into medicine.  I was stoked by how many medical students and PGY1+2 docs were there, and made some great friends who I got to share personal dreams and struggles with. I've brought home a few books I can't wait to read and share!  I highly recommend going!"


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