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The Saline Process is an opportunity to learn how to integrate faith & practice, learn to be a workplace witness & practice medicine that addresses the needs of the whole person. To learn more  see this promotion from Dr Glennis Mafi, or check out this article by CMF UK.

Saline Process is available to you in many ways as we just want to encourage health professionals, doctors and others, to have the joy of meeting the expectations of our Lord Jesus Christ to be Salt, Light and a Witness to him as resurrected Lord and Saviour.  See Matthew 5: 13 – 16 and Acts 1:8.   So here’s some general information.  Specific events are put on this page as they come along.

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    Burns Lodge in Mosgiel, New Zealand

    The Saline Process is a witness training designed to equip and mobilize Christian healthcare workers as witnesses of the love and reality of Jesus in their place of work. This is not limited to an in-person training, but includes it.

    Key elements of the Saline Process are:

    • Saline Process Witness Training
    • Follow-up
    • Mentoring
    • Accountability
    • Multiplication

    The training provides practical tools to help a Christian demonstrate the love and reality of Jesus in healthcare, all with permission, sensitivity and respect. Within the training, five main questions are addressed:

    • Why is faith important to healthcare?
    • What are the opportunities and barriers to fulfilling God's call?
    • What is my role?
    • What are the tools I can use to cultivate, sow and harvest?
    • Where do we go from here?


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