Donations enable our work of connecting and encouraging Christian doctors and students to be imitators of Christ in our professional and personal lives.

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  • General Fund

    The General Fund provides for our administration, as well as other organisational costs to keep CMF running. In addition, money from this fund can be used towards students, the national director, or other needs across CMF.

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  • Executive fund

    Our part time Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer encourage doctors and students in their faith and strengthens networks. Donations to the Executive Fund will be specifically apportioned to cover the costs of the CEO and CMO.

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  • Student Fund

    This fund is for supporting students. Our conference prices are discounted for students but some still find the cost of travel and attending conference a barrier. We provide bursaries to students who apply for help to attend conference and also have funds available to assist CMF groups on-campus.

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  • International Fund

    Enabling low-income delegates from around the world and particularly the Pacific to attend conferences and other events supported by Christian Medical Fellowship and the International Christian Medical & Dental Association.

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We gratefully accept donations by bank transfer.  

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  • GFUND - General Fund
  • NDIR - Executive Fund
  • SFUND - Student Fund
  • IFUND - International Fund


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