We're a network of doctors & medical students throughout New Zealand with a passion for serving Christ through our work in medicine.

CMFnz exists to nurture and develop communities of Christian medical professionals and medical students who are encouraging each other, praying together and growing in Christian faith and expression through the support of regional fellowship groups. We offer Saline Process Training to healthcare professionals, training them to be effective witnesses to Christ in their workplaces, and run an annual Reflect Conference. We seek to be an effective national Christian voice on the medical and ethical issues our members are facing, and support the work of Christian doctors both locally and overseas.

National Director Vacancy
CMFnz is looking for a National Director to lead the vision to grow our vibrant community of medical professionals who serve Christ through medicine in Aotearoa, New Zealand.  For further information about this part-time, paid position click here.

End of Life Choice Act 2019: Discussion Forum
Wednesday 27th October, 7.30-8.30pm via Zoom 
Interested health professionals and medical students are invited to join us for a discussion forum to consider responses to the implementation of the End of Life Choice Act, which comes into effect in New Zealand on 7th November. Click here for more information and to register.

The support of each person in the CMFnz community - financially, in prayer, in volunteering your time, in membership - enables us to continue to input into new generations of medical students and medical professionals, offer life-changing training through Saline Process and Reflect Conferences, and to be an effective national Christian voice on the medical and ethical issues facing New Zealand.
Thank you for your support!



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