Jesus said: "You are the Salt [that is, the Saline Solution] of the world ... You are the Light of the World" (Matthew 5:13 & 14).

What would that look like in your workplace? Saline Process Witness Training is all about the answer.

Saline Process Witness Training equips Christian healthcare workers to be witnesses for Christ in their clinical settings. Participants learn principles and tools that can immediately be applied in their interactions with patients and colleagues. After completing the Saline Process training, participants should be able to assess a patient’s attitude towards Christ and know how to respond appropriately, applying the ethical principles of permission, sensitivity and respect. This biblically based teaching emphasises the role many individuals may play in a person’s journey to Christ. The pressure is off! We are free to faithfully serve those around us and leave the results to God.

Below are some opportunities to find out more, but we are also happy to hear from those who would like a Saline Process Witness Training in their area. We work closely with Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF) trainers, and most Saline Process training is open to all Christian health professionals and students.


Auckland - Saturday 17 September 2022
A Saline Witness Process Training (SPWT) is being held in Auckland at Gracecity Church, Greenlane, on Saturday 17 September 2022 from 8.30am until 5pm by Trainers Dr Keith Carey-Smith, RN Angela Clark and friends. Register here.

Wellington - postponed
We have decided to postpone the event, which was due to be held in Wellington at the end of August 2022, due to insufficient expressions of interest. However, if you are keen to participate in a Lower North Island event later this year or in early 2023 then please let us know by emailing [email protected].

Becoming a Saline Trainer:
Those of us who are Saline trainers are so sure of the effectiveness of the Saline Process training program that we would like to offer it to all Christian health professionals in NZ. At the moment there are six active trainers, but so it is not a burden on any of them we would like to train a few more from nursing, medicine and allied professions. If you have done at least one Saline training, are actively putting the Saline tools into practice, and are keen to help others to grow as Salt, Light and a Witness of Jesus, then please consider and pray about this call.

Train The Trainers event in Auckland on Saturday 22nd (all day) & Sunday 23rd (half day) October 2022. Please send your expressions of interest to Glennis Mafi via email at [email protected].


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