Membership is about connecting with other followers of Christ who are also doctors and medical students. Through this network we aim to inspire and equip students and doctors to live for Christ.

All members are also eligible for 10% off our annual National Conference.

Declaration of Membership

Members agree with the following declaration of membership:

In joining the Christian Medical Fellowship, I declare my faith in God the Father, and in God the Son the Lord Jesus Christ who is my Saviour. I desire to be ruled by God the Holy Spirit in accordance with the Bible, the divinely appointed authority in matters of life and faith.

Renew your Membership

Acceptance of an application of membership is at the absolute discretion of the CMFnz Board.

Honorary Memberships

Honorary membership may be gifted to retired doctors, missionary doctors or others at the discretion of the board. Please contact us if you would like to recommend someone for honorary membership. 


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