National Conference 2013

This conference explored what it means to live and work in community. Are we, as doctors who follow Christ, able to make a real difference for our patients and in our workplaces? How can we genuinely work with diversity; including socio-economic and cultural?

Devotional Speaker – Paul Windsor

Devotional Speaker

Paul Windsor

Paul Windsor is the Associate Director of Langham Preaching. This involves him in nurturing biblical preaching movements in numerous countries in the Asia Pacific region and strengthening its teaching throughout the majority world.Prior to this role he was involved for twenty years in theological education in NZ - first as a lecturer at Laidlaw College and then as principal of Carey Baptist College. His identity has been further shaped by a missionary childhood in India, a theological education in the USA, pastoral experience in Southland, and raising five wonderful children with his wife, Barby.

Dr Malcolm BollenDr Cheryl Bollen

Key Note Speakers

Drs Malcolm and Cheryl Bollen

20 years ago Drs Cheryl and Malcolm Bollen responded to a call to local mission in Whangarei. Along with their local church they developed a Christian medical centre to serve those who were struggling to afford the care that they needed. They have been privileged to have a practice with a high percentage of Maori patients and have enjoyed the journey of growing to understand the Maori worldview. Many of their patients value holistic care and prayer and spiritual encouragement can be offered naturally.

They have raised their own four children and fostered two more for periods of time. In recent years Malcolm, Cheryl and their family have become involved in youth work through a camp on the Whangarei Harbour. This has sparked the beginnings of a new journey to explore "intentional community" with a focus on reaching out to youth who have lost their way. They are hoping that a youth health centre will be born in 2013, which will offer free health care to marginalized youth and create pathways towards wholeness in partnership with other faith-based organisations.


Child protection

Palliative care

Compassion fatigue

Termination of pregnancy as a form of contraception?

Recovery model in psychiatry

Doctors as managers?

April 04, 2013 at 4:00pm - April 07, 2013
Willow Park Christian Conference Centre


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