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The Auckland CMF Student Group meets weekly during term time.  For details of what's on and where, see the Facebook group.

Voting is open for the 2019 CMFnz Board Student Representative - Auckland

The standing Candidate is Callum Hammond:

Callum is currently a fourth-year med student. Although currently based at Auckland Hospital, he will be at North Shore next year (whether this is an upgrade is up for debate). Callum has been energetically serving CMF on the Board for a year and is keen to continue. The biggest lesson the hospital has taught Callum is humility - how serving colleagues, other students and patients with Philippians 2:3-11 in mind brings the hospital to Jesus and deepens his faith in God.

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Voting closes on Friday 25 October.


Some activities include:

Students run a weekly (minus exams week!) bible study session on the book "The Human Journey" produced by CMF UK. Rooms and times are advertised on the Facebook group.

Christianity Explored

Christianity explored course -

The Christianity Explored course was a great way to learn about the Bible, grow closer to God, and build community with other believers.  I found the group discussions incredibly thought provoking.  I gained new perspectives on the book of Mark because we really dove deep into the meaning and context of the scriptures.  For me, the group was also a great way to find balance amidst all the busyness of being a student.

Dinner with a doc - 

About twenty mostly 2nd and 3rd year students from Auckland Med School met for talking, laughing and eating at the home of Auckland GP Glennis Mafi, in Mangere Bridge on 25 August. There was an amazing spread of food provided by Glennis and the students. Glennis shared briefly about her journey as a doctor and some thoughts on guidance -- having a baseline attitude that says, ‘I love the Lord, I want to bring him joy, I want to see others come to know and love him too’, and with that in place specific guidance becomes less stressful, so that you can run with the decisions you have made after honest and reasonable research, thought and prayer, and trust God to “work all things together for good”. She also shared her current desire to learn to better hear and obey his voice in specific situations with patients so she can speak into their lives. This ties in closely with the work she is doing becoming a Saline trainer in NZ and the Pacific. Big thank you to Victoria and Aimee and their team for organising this event -- and bringing some very yummy food!

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